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E-Commerce Lite Website

Just because your business is small, doesn’t mean you can’t sell online. Ensuring that your website has functionality to sell products using a shopping cart and checkout will make your business stand out from the crowd. Your E-commerce Lite website is built on the ShowMe® platform. One page with 8 tabs (6 customizable). Website Design, Hosting, Foundation SEO and Online Marketing, all in one package.

Design Once-Off: R 2 242.501 Hosting p.a. R 1 481.20
Online Marketing (Included)2
Monthly 6 Months 12 Months
R 488.75 R 2 785.88 R 5 278.50
1 Other charges may apply, depending on client requirements.
2 Online Marketing prices include VAT at 15%.

Website Design, Hosting, Foundation SEO and Online Marketing, all in one packagewe take care of everything that is needed to obtain an effective web presence.

E-commerce Features

  • Configurable Product Catalogue (Online Shop) – 20 Product Categories with 100 products each. Main product image plus 4 additional product images.
  • Shipping Calculator
  • Discounts Calculator
  • PayPal or PayFast for fast, secure check
  • Parcel tracking
  • Instant Payment Notification
  • Order records

Website Features:

  • 8 tabs – Welcome, Special Offers and Contact Us which includes a map.
  • Your monthly subscription includes access to our Content Management System giving you the capability to easily maintain the website yourself using the powerful ShowMe Editor. This puts you completely in control of your web presence. Alternatively, we are always here to help.
  • The page layouts can be customised with 11 ShowMe Templates.
  • Your own Corporate Identity: Keyline, Corporate Colour, Logo and Fonts (from a selection of standard Internet fonts)
  • Each page can have a Unique Header Banner OR a 6-image Rotator. The design fee includes one banner or rotator design. Additional banners will be charged extra.
  • We can add a gallery of pictures on any page – 10 galleries with 30 pictures each, up to 300 pictures.
  • Article module fits in anywhere – up to 300 articles.
  • YouTube Videos
  • RSS Feeds – automatically feed in content from your favourite websites.
  • Rates & Facilities Button
  • Enquiry Button – standard Enquiry Form delivered directly to your inbox.
  • Widgets: TripAdvisor, Nightsbridge (or a link to another Online Booking Service), Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Virtual Tour
  • Newsletter Subscription Button – Get visitors to your website to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Your website is linked into the ShowMe® platform, giving you the advantage of our traffic and search engine rankings!

Additional Information:

  1. The subscription fee includes online marketing on the ShowMe® Pretoria platform, technical upgrades and support, security and site backups. It does not include maintenance but you can easily maintain the website yourself using our Content Management System and the powerful ShowMe Editor.
  2. The Hosting Package includes domain name registration, 20 e-mail addresses, unlimited traffic and 2GB disc space.
  3. The subscription fee can be paid monthly by debit order or you can pay 6 months in advance with a 5% discount or 12 months in advance with a 10% discount.
  4. The once-off design fee is relatively low because the website is built on the ShowMe® platform and requires minimal custom coding. It must however be noted that the design will be done using the standard ShowMe® templates – 11 templates to choose from for every page. The designer will choose the templates best suited to your content.
  5. Although the website is limited to 8 tabs (Welcome, Special Offers, Contact Us and 5 customizable tabs), lots of content can be added using the gallery module, article module and YouTube videos.
  6. The website is built on the ShowMe® platform which means:
    • The hosting package is compulsory. We will arrange for the transfer of your existing domain to ShowMe®.
    • Should you cancel with ShowMe®, the website content will have to be reconfigured for another hosting environment and cannot merely be moved because it is built on and for the ShowMe® platform. We will provide you with copies of all the design elements such as text, banners and pictures.
    • Your website will be live and available to search engines and the public as long as the subscription fee is paid. Should you cancel the subscription fee, the website will no longer be accessible.
    • The domain and hosting package must be renewed annually. We will send you a renewal notice. Should the domain and hosting package not be renewed, the website will still be available to the public through the ShowMe® platform but it won’t be accessible through the website domain.
  7. Our service includes Foundation SEO, submitting the website to Search Engines for indexing and the setting up of Google Analytics. You may read more about Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics on our website by following these links:
  1. Want to attract clients nationwide? You can easily extend your online marketing reach by listing your website on any other ShowMe website for only R 85.50 per month per site.
  2. Considering all of the above, this is an exceptional website product, trusted by hundreds of businesses throughout South Africa. Please find below a few examples of this website product:
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