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Professional Custom Designed Website

This is a Multiple Page, Multiple Tabs website with a Fully Responsive website design. Fully Responsive means your website will re-size itself to display properly on all types of devices. i.e. tablets, smartphones, etc. The website is built on its own domain with WordPress.

The hosting package includes 40 email accounts, 3 GB disc space and 80 GB bandwidth. The website can easily be moved from one hosting environment to another.

Design Once-Off: R 7 500.001 Hosting p.a. R 950.00
Online Marketing (Optional)2
Monthly 6 Months 12 Months
R 431.25 R 2 458.13 R 4 657.50
1 Other charges may apply, depending on client requirements.
2 Online Marketing prices include VAT at 15%.


  • 8 pages with basic SEO on each page.
  • Large picture slider with up to 6 pictures
  • Fully responsive website design
  • Designed for your Corporate Identity
  • Photo Galleries: Up to 100 images
  • Social Media Links – Link icons to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and other Social Media Platforms that you are running.
  • Social Sharing – Allow your users to share information from your site with their friends.
  • Contact Details with Google Maps
  • Default Enquiry Form
  • Up to 20 existing YouTube Videos
  • Basic Testimonials

Available ADD-ON Features:

Additional functionality can be added as and when needed. You may select from the following available ADD-ONs to make your website what you need:

  • Product Catalogue – R 3000. This is the ability to add and manage all your products on your website. It is e-commerce without the checkout and payment functionality. Including prices is optional. Checkout can be added at a later stage if required.
  • Blogging Setup – R 500. Blogging is the act of adding informative, new content to your website. This is a handy way to keep your website content fresh as well as to get your articles/news out there. Blogging can be used to showcase your latest products, tell people what is new in the market and interact with your client base. Blog articles are also indexed by search engines which helps your traffic. Blogs can be ‘pushed’ directly from a site into your social media accounts.
  • Meet The Team – R 350. A neat way to showcase your team or staff (with pictures and descriptions).
  • Newsletter Integration – R 350. Integrate your newsletter connected to a service such as Mailchimp and allow users to subscribe to your newsletter online.
  • Bulk Testimonials & Client List – R 500. If you have a ton of great testimonials, the basic testimonials won’t be enough, add these! Display a logo list of your clients or affiliations.
  • Portfolio Setup – R 1000. Display all your favourite projects & allow viewers to filter through them. We add categories & 3 generic projects to help you get started.
  • Extra Page – R 500. If your website content requires more than the 8 pages available in the standard package, you can buy extra pages.
  • Simple Mega Menus – R 300. If you have a lot of categories or pages on your website, it is more user friendly to use a mega menu to display links in bulk rather than regular menu items or dropdowns. Simple Mega Menus are Mega Menus with no images or buttons, but complex in its functionality. It can be multi-layered with multiple drop downs, both horizontal or vertical.
  • Advanced Mega Menus – R 1000. Sometimes simple navigation menus are simply not enough. Add elements such as images, content and buttons into a mega menu on your website.
  • Sidebars – R 300. Display buttons, social feeds or other content in a narrow side column on the left or right side of your website. A single sidebar can display on a single page or all of the pages.
  • Forums – R 500. A forum is a discussion platform where people can discuss certain topics or ideas, almost like a message board of sorts. Once a message/question is posted, people can add their comment or view on the topic or issue, leading to an online discussion. You can also make comments to clear up your customers’ questions.
  • Custom Contact Form – R by quotation. Your website comes with an optional standard contact form which includes basic information fields. Large or specific custom enquiry, contact or entry forms are by quotation only.
  • Extra Picture Galleries: R 200 each.

Additional Information:

  1. Our service includes Foundation SEO, submitting the website to Search Engines for indexing and the setting up of Google Analytics. You may read more about Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics on our website by following these links:
  1. Online Marketing on the ShowMe® Pretoria platform is optional at R 431.25 per month. We add online marketing for a new website as an additional service because without online marketing, it is very difficult for a new website to be found on the Internet.
  2. This is a “website forever”. It can adapt and grow as your business develops and you will never have to rebuild.
  3. Examples of this website product:


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