Website Design and Development

Website Packages

We have designed 6 standard website packages, which according to our experience makes provision for all the possible requirements of small and medium sized businesses. The benefit to the client is that you can choose the option that best fits your requirements and budget and you only pay for what you need.

A website design and development project usually entails the following tasks, activities and charges, some of which are optional depending on the client’s requirements:

Once-off Charges Optional
Origination and Setup
Stock Photos and Images Yes (May be provided by client)
Design and Development
Content Editing Yes (May be provided by client)
Search Engine Optimization
Google Analytics Setup
Testing and Implementation


Monthly Recurring Charges Optional Annual Charges
Technical Support & Maintenance Yes Support & Maintenance is charged at R 450 per hour if not covered by a monthly contract. Domain Registration & Hosting
Online Marketing Yes Online Marketing is essential to boost a new website’s search engine rankings and drive visitors to your site.
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